How to get into camping & backpacking – An everyman’s guide

Are you looking at friends / people camping on social media and wanted to try it yourself? Or do you just want to pick up a life skill that helps you be more organized / self-sufficient? If the answer to any question above is Yes, this guide might just be for you. This is an everyman's … Continue reading How to get into camping & backpacking – An everyman’s guide

3 superb Switzerland daytrips from Interlaken

As part of our Spring month of travel, we spent our Easter long weekend in the town of Interlaken, Switzerland. While the town is exquisite in its own right, we used it as a base for a few superb day trips. We'll list out our day trip itineraries and descriptions of the specific places we visited. reading 3 superb Switzerland daytrips from Interlaken

Schilthorn – the other Jungfrau daytrip (Switzerland Day 2)

Lets face it, scores of travellers take the Jungraujoch Bahn to the top of Europe (11500 ft) and will continue to do so. It is a stunning day trip from Interlaken providing some superb views on a clear day. We on the other hand make our case for visiting Schilthorn (10000 ft) to view the Jungfrau … Continue reading Schilthorn – the other Jungfrau daytrip (Switzerland Day 2)

A brilliant afternoon in Geneva – Switzerland Day 1

We visited Switzerland for the first time in December 2014 and it's safe to say it was love at first sight. The natural beauty, the people, the food and of course, the efficient public transport system made it an ideal destination for nature/transport lovers like Dalek as well as clueless-but-enthusiastic-travellers like me. Since then, we've grabbed … Continue reading A brilliant afternoon in Geneva – Switzerland Day 1

Lake Geneva Attractions (by Public Transit)

Geneva is an entry point for many Switzerland tourists & offers a variety of attractions in the city itself & around the banks of Lake Geneva. Here is a list of places we've been to that can easily make up a 3 day trip. Just like the rest of Switzerland, all these places are easy to … Continue reading Lake Geneva Attractions (by Public Transit)

Switzerland Transportation Guide

Switzerland is truly the most breathtaking of countries. In my opinion, the Swiss are some of the world's smartest people. The union of the 2 facts implies that most of Switzerland is highly accessible by public transit, including some engineering marvels. Every time we look back at our pictures, all we want to do is hop back … Continue reading Switzerland Transportation Guide

Public Transit Guide : Zurich

Zurich has one of the best public transit systems in Europe. It's extremely dense in the city centre but also allows easy access to peripheral areas. For short distance travel in the city centre, trams are your best option. For longer journeys, buses and S-Bahn should suffice. A central zone ticket costs 8.60 CHF and can be … Continue reading Public Transit Guide : Zurich