Spring & Summer Highlights 2017 – Our Eurotrip

As of the time of publishing this post, half of 2017 is behind us. And this first half of the year had some of our most varied and extensive travelling of our lives thanks to a 6-month Schengen visa (thank you Danish Consulate). So we've decided to share our highlights of the year so far. … Continue reading Spring & Summer Highlights 2017 – Our Eurotrip

A rainy weekend in Lake District, England

For the first time in 2017, we went on a trip with Ankita & Shane Barb & Bert from 22 Nelson Street. We had grand plans of a "spring is here" weekend in the Lake District (which we think is the most picturesque place in England). However the weather dampened our hopes, literally! Only in the last 3 hours … Continue reading A rainy weekend in Lake District, England

Street Art & chasing Banksy : 5 things to do in Bristol, UK

As some of you may know, we flew to & fro from Bristol on our recent Iceland trip. The unexpected part of this decision was how unexpectedly awesome Bristol turned out to be and even though we spent a night + a few hours in the city, we fell short by a few hours in exploring … Continue reading Street Art & chasing Banksy : 5 things to do in Bristol, UK

Our travel summary of 2016

Tis the season for looking back at 2016 and recounting the best (and worst) of our travel experiences across the year. As we're in our 1st year of blogging & haven't written a similar post before, we are going to report categories and numbers that are generally interesting. We've picked experiences that have broadened our … Continue reading Our travel summary of 2016

Birmingham, England: A European Christmas Special

Regardless of Brexit, the UK remains a country within the continent of Europe and will always remain so. 😊 Birmingham, UK claims to be the home of the largest Christmas market outside Germany & Austria (whose Christmas we have covered for Munich & Salzburg) so we visited it's Frankfurt Christmas market for the second year in a … Continue reading Birmingham, England: A European Christmas Special

Book lovers’ day trip to Oxford, England

We did a day trip to Oxford recently before the fall colours went away for the year. By the end of the day we realised that it is impossible to see all of Oxford's sights in a single day. We nevertheless had a fantastic day sightseeing. The city is a photographer's delight with its beautiful architecture, … Continue reading Book lovers’ day trip to Oxford, England

Meteor Shower Experience & Worcester, England

The Northern Hemisphere is currently placed in a prime position to view a major meteor shower. Taking advantage of this, we went camping last night to see the stars, some meteors flying by & ultimately sleep under the stars. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere & are forecast a clear night (England has such a forecast), … Continue reading Meteor Shower Experience & Worcester, England

Lake District National Park, England

Best time to visit: British summer but we have a feeling it'll look great in fall. Top tip: Don't make Bowness the focal point of your Lake District trip. The park is spread out across a large geographic area & it gets more scenic the farther you travel from Bowness. Reasons to visit Amazing verdant landscapes: … Continue reading Lake District National Park, England

A Weekend in Yorkshire & Derbyshire, England

In an attempt to travel to parts of the UK not called London or Scotland, we made plans to visit some bits of the Yorkshire & Derbyshire region, lead by the city of York & the Peak District National Park. We had a lot of fun in both places as the former is a romantic & charming … Continue reading A Weekend in Yorkshire & Derbyshire, England

London, England : Attractions

Best Time to Visit: Summer (June onwards) Reasons to Visit Free Museums: A great thing about the UK is that national museums are free & London is home to a number of them. This is especially helpful when you need to take a rain check, literally, when the English weather turns wet. Honestly, the quality of these … Continue reading London, England : Attractions