Spirit of Scotland Travelpass : Is it worth it?

What is this pass? The Spirit of Scotland travelpass is pre-dominantly a rail rover ticket (similar to a Eurail pass in mainland Europe) where one can take unlimited train & ferry journeys along with a few bus journeys for £134 (4 days out of 8) / £179.70 (8 days out of 15). Travellers to Scotland, … Continue reading Spirit of Scotland Travelpass : Is it worth it?


Philippines transportation lessons and tips (Day 6)

Due to specific planning choices undertaken by us, we actually spent the whole of Day 6 going from El Nido to Manila only to catch an early morning flight out on Day 7. So we thought it'd be befitting to talk about transport in Philippines peppered into a short Day 6 rambling. All transport tips will be … Continue reading Philippines transportation lessons and tips (Day 6)

Switzerland Transportation Guide

Switzerland is truly the most breathtaking of countries. In my opinion, the Swiss are some of the world's smartest people. The union of the 2 facts implies that most of Switzerland is highly accessible by public transit, including some engineering marvels. Every time we look back at our pictures, all we want to do is hop back … Continue reading Switzerland Transportation Guide

UK Transportation Guide

UK is moderately large in area by European country standards and public transportation can help one reach even some of the most remote areas. Driving is a great option too, as long as you remember to "Keep Left" (right hand drive, different from mainland Europe & US). The downside of UK transportation is that it's more … Continue reading UK Transportation Guide