Nacpan Beach, Philippines: A visual feast (Day 5)

Day 5 Destination

We hired a scooter to see a bit of inland El Nido namely the white sand Nacpan Beach and the Nagkalit-Kalit waterfalls before returning back to our resort and sipping on cocktails. Wedding anniversary day well spent!!

Breakfast of Champions

We had three really great food experiences in Philippines and breakfast on Day 5 was one of them. Yoda opted for the healthier oats breakfast while Dalek got the Filipino breakfast. It’s pretty common to be served garlic rice (yum) with a Filipino breakfast but in this case, it was accompanied by delicious Longganisa sausage. The sausage was very different than anything we’d had before. A deep sweetness (not cloying) and garlic with tender meat made for a near perfect sausage. Try it when visiting the Philippines.

Scooter to Nacpan Beach

We’d decided to travel north of El Nido town as recommended by many a travel blog and the resort itself. The scooter rental from the resort was a bit expensive at 850 PHP but came with a full tank (instead of empty). We saddled up to make the approx. 40 minute ride to Nacpan Beach. The ride to the beach is pure tropical bliss for the first 25 minutes.


The solitary reaper

The last 20 minutes is a bumpy dirt road that leads to the beach. Not very comfortable but it could have been worse. After paying the tourism fee of 100 PHP, we parked at the beach and set ourselves up. The beach is fantastic with a beautiful blue shade of water and near-perfect golden sand. The cloudy morning weather made for nice, prolonged dips in the water.


The fine sand

One of the best things about this beach is the high waves. We’ll illustrate that by our pics of a 6 foot tall guy standing in front of them. So much fun! Another great thing to see was a number of locals who’d come to enjoy themselves on a mostly tourist occupied beach. Among them were a number of children enjoying the waves with unbridled joy.


Are you ready for this wave?

Tip: The price for a coconut is an exorbitant 50 PHP (25 in Sabang) and not very young coconuts. But the positive side is that we went back to the stall after drinking the water to get it cut open for the flesh. That saved us from intense hunger pangs as the beach shacks serve food really slowly.

We spent some time making “Castle Heart” to commemorate our anniversary. As soon as the clouds parted, we made our way to one of the shack restaurants for a seafood lunch. Apart from the grilled squid which was overcooked, the food was quite nice but the service is so slow. The mussels were large and tasty but the fried fish stole the show. Spent just under 500 PHP for lunch.


Castle Heart


So happy together


Lunch seafood feast with obligatory calamansi

Just a few minutes on the dirt road on the way back, a jeep passed us going towards the beach and Yoda went WTF. Dalek was driving so he didn’t notice two plainclothed folk carrying rifles in the back. We’re not used to seeing guns since we left the US and generally not used to seeing it on non-law enforcement people. We were headed in the right direction, opposite to that jeep!

Gorgeous jungle scenery & a waterfall

We arrived at the sign for waterfall tours at a roadside shop. We got a tour guide for 200 PHP each. The guide told us we’d have to wade through knee high streams to get to the falls and even replaced Dalek’s shoes with slippers. We counted 8 stream crossings so wear clothes above knee height or ones you don’t mind getting wet.


Welcome to the 1st stream crossing, I’ll be your guide

The hike to the waterfalls is absolutely gorgeous (much better than the falls themselves in our opinion). There are light sounds of crickets & birds chirping as well as lizards rustling leaves. The evening light stream through to the trail was pretty surreal. The trail is unmarked and it helped to get a guide but the hike is doable by yourself if we knew the Filipino equivalent of Scotland’s WalkHighlands. We reached the falls in around 40 minutes, did a photo op and a small dip and walked back still amazed by the pretty trail.


Our actual guide in the open part of the trail


Demo of a stream wade


Section of the trail

Random snippets & a beautiful silhouette
  • Roadside stores sell bottles of fuel for 60 PHP. It’s ready availability means you won’t be stranded if you run out of fuel for too long.


    Fuel shelf on the right

  • Many 2-wheelers are converted into 3 (trikey) or 4 wheelers in the Philippines as illustrated below.


    Converted 4 wheeler

  • It was rapidly getting dark but we managed to see this beautiful limestone silhouette before retiring to our resort.


    Limestone silhouette

  • Basketball is huge in the Philippines.dscf2959_1c
  • Our resort gave us an anniversary treat by making up our rooms in a special manner. Such satisfying customer service meant we slept well before a full day of transit that started early.dscf2960_1

We ended the day sipping a couple of celebratory Pina Coladas while flapping about in the pool. It was the most relaxing evening of our entire trip so one could say our anniversary was special!! 🙂 ❤

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4 thoughts on “Nacpan Beach, Philippines: A visual feast (Day 5)

    • yodandalek says:

      Thank you for your kind words Brooke, we truly appreciate them 🙂 We should put in a caveat that our Philippines pictures are more colourful than others solely down to its incredible depth of natural beauty!


    • yodandalek says:

      Our pleasure Joanne 🙂 The falls themselves aren’t as impressive as many others in PH but the path was stunning, especially for us who don’t live in a tropical country 🙂


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