Barcelona & Girona, Spain

Best time to visit: Summer & surprisingly spring (we visited in Feb).

Reasons to visit:

Public Transit Logistics

Getting in:  Barcelona El-Prat airport is a major air hub of the region with cheap & frequent EasyJet connections. The Barcelona Girona airport is the RyanAir hub and is quite far from Barcelona (1.5-2 hour bus ride) but is perfect if you plan to see the Dali Museum in Figueres (we stayed overnight in Girona).

Getting around:

  • From Girona to Figueres: Bus, regional trains & high speed trains connect the 2 towns. Regional trains are the most effective way in our opinion (we used the bus).
  • From Figueres to Barcelona: We took to ultra-modern & comfortable high speed AVE train from the Figueres Vilifant station to Barcelona Sants. 200 kmph train ride with great views.


    Spanish Alps seen from the train to Barcelona

  • In and around Barcelona: Metro was our preffered mode of transportation & we took bunches of 10 tickets to travel. There is a good airport bus connection downtown to the El Prat airport. This bus does not run between 1-5 am but there are night buses at that time to achieve #legendStatus (check which terminal the night bus goes to).

As mentioned earlier, buying a ticket from the Renfe website is a challenge (we bought our tix 1.5 years back, things may have changed). The guide below helped us then. Renfe also sells passes starting from 163 Euro for 4 days allowing unlimited travel.

Renfe website :

Renfe buying guide:

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